Kent brings to our clients his broad and rich technical background and subsurface imaging expertise in finding, locating and identifying targets buried in the ground using ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity, magnetometry and electromagnetics. In the late 1960’s, Kent teamed with a top nuclear scientist to build a mobile laboratory with radiocarbon dating and his own extraction system to recover buried specimens from archeological sites. In the early 1970’s, a 2nd totally mobile lab was built that contained radiocarbon dating, x-ray fluorescence, a wet chemistry section, thermoluscence dating, and other equipment that could be deployed at a project area.

Kent earned his Ph.D. in 1973 and plied his scientific technical skills with the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources in microsample extraction and x-ray radiography as Historic Sites archeologist. In 1976 he joined the USDA Forest Service and in 1979 became the regional manager and historic preservation officer responsible for archeology and historic preservation for 15 national Forests in 13 states in the Southern Region. Kent was instrumental in introducing GPR to the Forest Service and traveled widely throughout the world plying these skills.

He has published widely and extensively, including a co-authored chapter in Remote Sensing in Archaeology (2007). Kent retired from the USDA Forest Service in 2006 and with Steve Bramlett and Pam Allen he co-founded Underground Imaging Solutions, Inc. where he serves as Vice President. Kent directs the field operations to assure quality control of all projects undertaken.