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Welcome to Underground Imaging Solutions

Professional GPR Service

We bring our top-of-the-line equipment to your project to collect underground imaging data to find and mark the information you need. We provide you preliminary image maps at your site. For large jobs, imaging of the data is processed off site and your animated image maps are made available for downloading from our website.
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Past Projects of Interest

Our team has conducted ground penetrating radar (GPR) studies in Africa, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Among the more spectacular finds is the discovery of the buried foundations of an 8th century medieval abbey near San Salvo, Italy. GPR data was also collected in the ancient city of biblical Bathsheba in Eritrea, Africa.
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GPR Eqiupment

We can “see” shallow or deep. We use Geophysical Survey Systems’ state of the art SIR3000 and antennas ranging from 100MHz to 1500MHz depending upon the job requirements. With GPR we can image rebar and post tension cable in concrete; graves and spaces between them in cemeteries; voids, layering, soil horizons and shallow bedrock topography.
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Contact Us

We're all about customer service and making ourselves available to make sure you get the service and products you need. We know good business is based on good relationships. We look forward to talking with you soon.
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